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Join a leading group of green building contractors to learn how ecomedes can streamline your sourcing of building products & achieve project sustainability goals.

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We are hosting two 30 minute sessions to discuss how a free account with ecomedes will help you:
  • Find the building products and specification data you need amidst a proliferation of ecolabels
  • Compare brands on an apples-to-apples basis for optimized cost and sustainability 
  • Expedite the documentation required for LEED and other rating system submissions
  • Provide a resource to your clients and extended project team that simplifies the achievement of sustainable objectives

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ecomedes CIO and CoFounder, Paul Shahriari, and Client Success Manager, Maiah Alman will share tips on the best ways to get the greatest value from the ecomedes tool and advice on best practices for project rating documentation based on their years of sustainability project experience. 
If you have questions about this webinar, please contact us at 707-775-7677.
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